I am Leslie Sublett, proud previous owner of Flirt Salon & Spa of 20 years. My team of highly skilled and devoted employees helped drive us to one of the top high-end salons in Indianapolis. This year I made the decision to expand my passion for the hair and beauty industry so that I could offer a unique "online" beauty supply store, Flirt Salon & Spa to Go. This online store allows you the option to purchase an array of professional hair and skin care products to anyone in every geographic location

In addition to my passion for hair and beauty, I realized there is a growing demand for solutions to hair loss in both men and women. I received in-depth training on NUTRAFOL, an amazing regrowth product that is the #1 Dermatologist recommended, clinically effective, bio-specific Hair Growth System which can be purchased at Flirt Salon & Spa to Go. Hair loss is caused by many attributes, more than genetics alone.

Please contact me for additional information and/or consultation. Working online and advising clients gives me the individual opportunity to make you look and feel beautiful, and to see you grow!